Bonville Head Lookout – 2015

Today is a public holiday here in Australia, October 5 is Labour Day. And this weekend we also started Australian Daylight Savings Time, the weather is nice and warm – in fact quite hot today LOL so I decided to take my daughter and grab some photos from the Bonville Head Lookout at the southern end of Sawtell Headland. I was hoping to get some photos of the sunset but between miss moppet “dying of starvation” and the insane amount of people there I chose to leave early rather than wait for it. Maybe I’ll get up early enough one day for some sunrise ones! That would be nice 🙂

This post has been copied from my old website that I shut down a year or so ago when life got busy and I didn’t have the motivation to continue with it. Unfortunately due to a hard drive crash I lost the original sized images for many of my photos and only have the smaller watermarked images from the server backup. However I think the images are still worth being displayed, so here they are!

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